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Koi4u started as a free consulting service to a group of koi hobby enthusiasts in the north Coast of KwaZulu Natal. The lack of koi health services in the area necessitated specialization in this scarce and inexact field, leading to many trials to determine the most feasible treatment for koi.

This naturally led to a wealth of knowledge regarding koi health and the only way to make it available to the general koi keeper was through the creation of this web-site. The idea of creating a website on koi, health, ponds and all related topics was born some years ago. With the support of friends and a very understanding family, we took this bold step in October 2008 and hope to bring insight into this fascinating hobby for all koi lovers, from the basics to those hobbyists who wish to progress their knowledge beyond the simple enjoyment of koi.

This is a progressive site where we progressively post more and more interesting facts. This is not "a seen it once, seen it all" site.

The large amount of e-mail received with requests for advice and assistance eventually became too much for one person. The realization slowly dawned that the situation is not sustainable and the creation of a Forum where koi keepers can assist each other remained the only solution. Please visit the Forum and contribute to this "knowledge bank" by either posting some interesting facts or to prompt other koi hobbyists to provide answers.

The forum software recently became so outdated, and the upgrading cost so prohibitive that it was seriously considered to close the Koi4u web-site down. Thanks to generous donations from the following Forum Members, we are proud to say that the web-site and forum were able to continue: 

Andre Le Roux
Anver Cassim
Bobby Matthee
Cliff Fagan
Dream Koi (Karl Engelbrecht)
Ernst Van Dyk
Larry Hubbard
Mark Colyn (Koi Water Products)
South African Koi Keepers Society: Gauteng Chapter
Shogun Koi Nutrition (Chris Neaves)
Wild Coast Koi (Leon Krull)

If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, please go to the contact us page.

Enjoy it!
Pieter Odendaal
Bethlehem, Free State

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