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Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Care


This is the time of the year when many Koi keepers are looking forward to spend the December holidays either relaxing at home or to go away for a well-deserved rest. Being a Koi keeper does not mean that you cannot go on holiday! If that was the case, many people will opt not to keep Koi. The main challenge is just to make adequate arrangements up front. Like other pets, arrangements are made with a friend or neighbor to look after the Koi and pond. I have seen a lot of cases where the friend or neighbor looked so well after them that the old saying actually becomes a reality: KINDNESS CAN KILL.

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Unexplained fish mortalities


I have placed this subject under Frequently asked questions because of the many varied call-outs that I must attend to when either one fish dies unexpectedly, or I am called to a pond that is in a sorry state where a large contingent of the fish are belly up.

This is something that most koi keepers will experience one time or the other in this fascinating hobby. It may be the sudden death of one koi in the collection, or it may be mass mortalities. This is not a pleasant subject, nor is it a pleasant task, but one will have to investigate the possible causes to protect the collection. On the other hand if there are no sure answers, at least one will be able to eliminate some possibilities as the cause of this phenomenon.

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Questions about salt

Although it is fully described under medication on this site, I frequently get the following questions about salt:


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Please don't

On the home-page of www.koi4u.co.za I invite people to ask questions about Koi and related matters. Well, there are some tough questions to field and mostly these questions inspire me to do more research and that leads to another article on the website!
Similarly, there are questions about everyday maintenance and care that really shows how hungry people are for information. Here are some of the more common answers that I had to provide on questions posed:


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