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Pond Creatures

Snakes a threat to Koi?


The following was brought to my attention by Quinten Schutte. The photos were posted on http://www.rainbowfish.info by Charlene. It is quite fascinating photos! Charlene took the photos in January 2009, Knysna South africa. She wrote:

“The past summer (we're in the southern hemisphere) was unusually dry, had a drought, water restrictions etc. After living here with our fish pond in-tact for 8 years this year was the first time we ever experienced this "theft".

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The Hammerhead Story

Today I am going to tell you a little story ... a story that does have a moral and conservationist message in it .....

The lead character in the story is a big brown bird ... in South Africa this bird is known as a Hammerhead and from his picture you will clearly see why.


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American Bullfrog!


This is a menace we don't have to face ....yet!

The American Bullfrog is regarded in many European countries as an absolute menace. Apparently about ten of these frogs were illegally imported into Southern France many years ago by a hobbyist and today they are spread over most of Europe and are currently posing a huge challenge to conservationists. In stark contrast with the decline of some species of frogs all over the world, they are multiplying and pose a real threat to fish and other more vulnerable frog species. The following photos were posted on Pondkoi.com:

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When Son meets Thalassius

When your son who is a dedicated Koi enthusiast and always assisting you is arachnophobic, you can expect some action when, while maintaining a koi pond, Pieter Junior comes face to face with Thalassius.......... 

The sequence of events are clearly illustrated

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