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TOPIC: Trichodina and skin fluke

Trichodina and skin fluke 11 Jul 2019 20:59 #58605

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Hi all

I had a bit of a scare with a jumbo tosai tancho showa last month, and I thought I'd share the experience as it was the first time I had had a potentially serious parasite problem aside from the Argulus lice episode a few months ago.

I had quarantined the fish for a couple of weeks, but was probably a bit hasty in adding it to the pond. It did very well for a few weeks and then I noticed that it was miserable, with patches of reddened skin, and clamping fins. It also stopped eating.

I was concerned because I'd recently lost a jumbo sanke tosai with similar symptoms (which had been treated as part of a group the supplier had brought in, and then sold after the treatment/quarantine period). I had further quarantined this fish for a few weeks and thought it was doing fine, only to find it deteriorated in the large pond and died after being placed back in the quarantine tank. I suspect it had suffered chronic gill damage with the first round of illness at the supplier - possibly due to Costia/Icthyobodo? - and could not recover from the damage.

So, now that I've given the background, the remainder of the story is quick - I brought a microscope home from work, and found one skin fluke, and quite a few Trichodina. I treated with malachite green and formalin from Koinet for 2 treatments 4 days apart. The fish recovered well, and is fine now.

I took some wobbly footage of the parasites using my phone peering down the microscope lens and thought it may be interesting for some people to see it at the following links.

I've also posted pics of the sick fish with the reddened patches which I scraped. I suspect the problem was the Trichodina as I found quite a few of them. I hope the following links work as I've never done this before!!

Video links:

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